Getting Fibre - What You Need To Know

Jacques du Rand 2018-10-15


There is quite a bit of confusion about the difference between a Fibre Network and a Fibre ISP.

Maybe it's best to view it in terms of the old ADSL method of the internet in South Africa.

If you have ADSL in South Africa, typically you'll be receiving a minimum of two bills.

  • Telkom ADSL Line Rental and the dreaded phone line rental, even though you don't use the landline.
  • ADSL Internet ISP Costs

With fibre internet, there will only ever be one bill. This will be the one to your Fibre ISP.


Do I need a Telkom line for fibre

No, You only need a fibre network active in your area. See the fibre coverage map .


Fibre Networks

You need one of these active in your area with coverage


This is the company that actually owns the physical optical cables around and into your house. There is usually only one fibre network servicing your area at this stage. This is similar to the old ADSL line - except you will not have to pay the fibre line separately.

Examples are:


Fibre ISP

You need one of these that has fibre packages on the network in your area.


These are the well-known companies that provide the internet on the fibre networks. Most of these companies also provide ADSL internet.

The Top Ones Are:


Fibre Router

You probably don't need a fibre router - really...

If you had ADSL previously and half a decent WI-FI router with a WAN port(usually different colour network port) you good to go !

Even if you don't have one you will most likely get a router with your initial fibre installation package. Not a great one nor a useless one but definitely good enough for most.

If you do want to upgrade a bit look at our Best Fibre Routers article to see the best wifi routers according to the internet... not us.


How to Get Fibre