Do You Need A Fibre Router - Probably Not

Jacques du Rand 2018-10-24

Looking at upgrading your internet connection to fibre? Well, what equipment do you need, and more specifically, what don’t you need? Let’s start with the basics, you probably don’t need to get a new router. “Why not though?” we hear you asking, well, let’s break it down.

You’ve done your homework, researched service providers and signed on the dotted line, now all that remains is the installation. This will entail your fibre provider to lay a cable from their hub straight into your home. This cable will then connect to a fibre ONT device which should be mounted on a wall in your home.

From there the ONT device will be connected to a router, and while many ISPs will state that you need or should get a new router with your new connection, the opposite is actually true. If you have never had internet at your house, meaning you don’t own a router already, you should take your ISP up on their "free router" offer.

That said, if you’ve had an internet connection at home before, your current router might work just fine. That’s because all your router needs to have is a WAN port, please note that not all routers have these, so make 100% sure whether yours does or doesn’t. They are usually labelled a different color but looks exactly like a normal LAN port with a RJ45 connector and might even have a label. Best is too consult your current router's documentation.

There is another instance in which you would need to upgrade your router, and it relates to the internet speed your device can handle. This is a little more technical, but you’re welcome to ask us here at FibreTiger for help should you be uncertain.

Essentially, if your router is still the old AB standard, it can only distribute a connection of 54 Mbps, so if your fibre connection is more than that, for example a 100 Mbps, you would need to get yourself a new router to make the most of your new connection.

Your internet speed if obviously crucial to the services you make use of, and as one of the biggest online streaming services, Netflix recommends an internet connection of at least 5Mbps for HD streaming.

These requirements, and the devices you own, will dictate what speed of internet connection you’ll need to make the most of it, and that’s what makes a service like FibreTiger invaluable. FibreTiger can help you find and compare ISPs, fibre deals and much more, so upgrade your internet connection today and enjoy a first world internet connection at home.