9 Things To Know Before Getting Fibre.

Jacques du Rand 2019-10-19

We at Fibre Tiger have put together a short list of the most common questions and mistakes people make when it comes to getting a new fibre internet package.

  1. You can only get fibre if you have fibre coverage.

The many fibre companies in South Africa are making great strides in their quest to get everyone covered for fibre, but it’s a slow process. Not everyone can get fibre at this point but you can easily check your fibre coverage status on our website. You could still possible get ADSL or a LTE connection if fibre is not available for your home.

  1. You need to pick an ISP for the network you have coverage for.

People make the mistake to just pick the cheapest or first fibre package on our website, instead of first matching their fibre isp package to the fibre networks from their coverage check.

For example you can get a 20mbps fibre package from Webafrica for Openserve (Network) and for Vumatel (Network) and their prices will be different. These prices are mostly set by the fibre networks.

  1. You will most likely need to pay for a fibre Installation.

The installation entails running an actual fibre-optic cable from the street right into your house, in addition to fixing a “Fibre ONT/CPE” device on your wall. Both the parts and labour are capital intensive and will cost anything between R1000 and R2500. There are some “free installation offers” just make sure you are happy to stay with the provider for at least 12 month.

  1. Free Installations usually comes with a clawback clause.

We all love specials right ? Most of the ISPs that offer a free installation has a “clawback clause”, that usually states: “If you cancel within 12 months you are liable for the installation”.

Fair enough - nothing in life is free.

  1. You might “not” need a “new router” if you already have wifi or adsl

The fibre company will usually supply you with a fibre ONT/CPE device: This is the actual magic box that on one side connects your house to the fibre network from the sidewalk and on the other side allows you to connect a “normal” wifi router to blanket your house with internet. The only requirement for your existing router is that it must have a WAN port - usually different colored RJ45 connector.

  1. You don’t need 100 Mbps or higher for Netflix or your average family home.

Netflix themselves states that for HD streaming you only need 5mbps ! People sometimes will experience buffering when they stream from “unofficial sources” i.e piracy-sites, but 9/10 it is not your fibre isp at fault but the “streaming party” that just can’t keep up with demand. They simply don’t have the infrastructure of a NetFlix or a YouTube. For a household of two parents and two teenagers 20mbps should be plenty and 10mbps is a good starting point if you are less than four people in the household. It is easy to upgrade afterwards.

  1. You don’t need a Telkom line for fibre.

This is probably the best news on this list. You are no longer a slave to your “Telkom Line Rental Bill” You only need fibre coverage and many ISPs also provides you with a VOIP Telephone services at very little extra cost.

  1. Fibre Installation wait time can be a few days or a few weeks.

This is probably the worst item on this list. These installations are contracted out by most ISPs to independent fibre installers and there are only so many of them. “Fast fibre takes time” - just wait it out you will not regret it.

  1. Not comparing the fibre deals first.

South Africa is blessed with some great ISPs which are all trying to secure you as a long time customer. Some of the more savvy ones have really put together some excellent fibre deals and packages at great prices. You will kick yourself later if you haven’t first compare the best fibre deals on Fibre Tiger before you commit.


  1. You will be asked to do speed tests , whenever your internet is slow or down.

Prepare yourself for living on the speed tests sites the moment something goes wrong with your Vumatel or Openserve fibre connection or your Netflix starts buffering.

Use Fibre Tiger's Speed Test to test your online internet speed. Whether your on Telkom, Vumatel, Openserve or on LTE/Wifi.
We Let you test your broadband connection locally and internationally.

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