Early ISP Adopters Of The Openserve Fibre Line Upgrades

Jacques du Rand 2021-03-23

In our article titled "Upgrading Your Line Speed - Should You?" we alluded to the fact that Openserve was upgrading its fibre lines. At the time it was unclear which ISPs would follow-suit and upgrade their customers accordingly.

As a reminder, the Openserve line upgrades is a phased approach, and commenced from 1 March 2021. Openserve had stated that a number of products would see their speeds doubled with no increase to price. However, it is important to note that Openserve is a network, and the ISPs make their own pricing on the base level set by the network. As an example, this could mean that if you were already a client and on a 10Mbs line, you might be upgraded to a 25Mbs line whilst remaining at the 10Mbps price - but again, this will be hugely dependent, and variable, on the ISP.

Maybe You're Upgraded?

The good news is that we have a list of some of the early ISP fibre upgrade adopters.

These are the ISPs where you can already get a better bang for your buck! And, if you're an existing client, hopefully in due time, your account will be upgraded automatically too.

WebAfrica - New 25Mbps package from R399 per month!


webafrica openserve fibre special

HomeConnect - New 25Mbps package from R588 per month!

Telkom - New 25Mbps package from R399 per month!

Afrihost - New 25Mbps package from R579 per month!

Vox - New 25Mbps package from R599 per month!

Webafrica Response

We asked Webafrica, one of the leading fibre ISPs in South Africa about the new Openserve packages.

  • The promo packages "R399 service option" is only available for new sign ups
  • In the case of existing clients - who’s speeds have not yet been adjusted automatically, they are able to access their Customer zone link and upgrade accordingly.

Openserve Setting The Trend

Openserve is the only network to upgrade its lines at this time.

Although it has about 20+ ISPs on its network, the 5 above are some of the ones to have made a progressive move in passing the upgrade onto the consumer thus far.