When Is The Grand Prix (2022) This Weekend ?

Jacques du Rand 2022-06-10

Asked At Every Weekend Braai

"Hey, what time is the grand prix this weekend ?"

How often have you been asked this seemingly trivial question ?

The problem of course is that every Grand Prix is held in a different country with mostly a different timezone than your own.

Traditional Solution:

Scramble around on your "smartphone" trying to make the DSTV app work, or try to browse the SuperSport website, looking for clues and the all important racing times…

Localized times that is.

Better Solution:

It is such a simple and briljant solution in our opinion:

You can via the F1 Website, wait for it…


This will do the following:

  1. Convert the times to your local timezones.
  2. Send you reminders (alarms) when the qualifiers and racing are about to begin.

Follow These Steps To Sync Your Calendar With ALL The Race Infos

  1. Follow this link to go to Formula 1 website

  2. Look for the "Sync Calendar" link "Top Right"

  3. Select your Calendar (Apple, Google, Outlook)

  4. BOOM ! You are now the smartest F1 fan in your group.


You don't need to have a DSTV (or be friends with people that are)

subscription to watch F1 in 2022.

You can sign up for the "Official F1 App - Streaming App", link below.

It only costs $4.99 per month for the top of the range package !

We did a full review and explanation about the F1 Streaming Service for South Africans and the fibre internet requirements