Top 5 Life Pro Tips Of All Time

Jacques du Rand 2022-10-14

Since the advent of social media, there is always something you thought you knew, but then saw a video and learnt that either you were doing it wrong, or there was a much easier way to do things. The joys of social media have also brought us closer to millions of people and even more information all around the world that may have otherwise been inaccessible to us, or quite possibly, accessible after a university or college degree.

Now, if you want to learn how to build a cupboard, ride a horse, take the best photo, create a sustainable garden, entertain your dogs, change your car oil and a plethora more, you’ll find an instructional video for it on YouTube.
We went to the leading authority of all information on the web, aka Reddit, went straight to the LPT (Life Pro Tips) sub, sorted by popular, all time, and this is what we found.

Top 5 LPT of all time on Reddit


Over 118,000 up-votes and over 2,600 comments

O/P: When you don't have all the facts, try to give people the most generous reason you can for their behaviour. Annoyingly slow driver? Maybe it's a mom with a birthday cake in the back. This mindset will gradually make you less reactive, more compassionate and more forgiving of your own bad days.

Hysterically, the replies to this post for people who use this trick were all related to using the mindset “they must need to poop”.


Over 122,000 up-votes and over 2,500 comments

O/P: Your company didn’t know you existed before you applied and won’t notice you when you’re gone. Take care of yourself.

The moral of the story: This is a particularly hard pill to swallow for those people who really do put the extra effort in. Often employees give up their time, but more so health, in lieu of hitting that deadline or trying to impress a boss. This is especially the case for anyone that works in the digital field - as employers very often assume you’re always online and don't need to sleep…


Over 140,000 up-votes and over 2,000 comments

Personally, we loved this idea!! So smart, so easy to do!

O/P: When you sign up for anything online, put the website’s name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info.


Over 141,000 up-votes and over 3,000 comments

O/P: If you want a smarter kid, teach your child to read as early as possible and instil in them a love for books. Because as soon as they can read, they can teach themselves. And that will be a life-long advantage over their peers who don't have that same ability.


Over 178,000 up-votes and over 5,000 comments

The original poster had missed an interview as they had overslept and slept right through the scheduled call. They had deliberated whether to make up excuses and tell the interviewer the truth, but instead kept things simple only stating their apology for missing the time and whether it could be rescheduled. They got a reschedule, no questions asked (in fact the company apologised to them!) 20 min after asking for it.

The moral of the story: Don't ever volunteer information. You never know what information the other party has, and you can always give information if asked for it later.

BONUS: LPT - Put a QRCode for Your Home Wifi on Your Fridge

Over 136,000 up-votes and 900 comments

Tired of trying to spell your embarrassing password to visitors or friends ? You can put a QRCde on your fridge and just tell the people to scan the code.

O/P:Go to your wifi settings, Select your home network settings, Click Share, Screenshot then print that QR code and put it on your fridge. I don't have an apple device, but on android it's: Settings > Network & Internet > Internet > [MyHomeNetworkName] [Gear Icon] Settings > Share

Your WiFi Password On Your Fridge !

What other revolutionary tips do you have? Share them with us!

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