The Best Free-To-Play Shooter, Rpg, Fighting, MOBA & Simulation Games In 2023

Glenn Alexander 2023-02-12

Congratulations, you’ve made it through all 61 days of January and have finished and played all the games you could during the holidays and you’re now looking at playing something new or different but not really keen to splash out on any money at this point in time. So, this is what I have for you this month.

The BEST free to play games currently available at no cost to you. Zero, zip, nadda, zilch !

I thought about giving you a list of possibly the top 5 free games to play across the various gaming platforms we currently have such as, mobile, Playstation, PC or Xbox but then took it a step further and sought out which are the BEST free-2-play games for the following genres of games.

The five genres or categories I am taking a closer look at are as follows:

  • Shooter
  • RPG (Role Playing Game)
  • Fighting
  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)Simulation

Feel free to agree or disagree with me and be sure to let me know over on Twitter @GlennZA if you’d have selected any other game compared to what I have listed below.

So let’s get things started with what I think is currently the best free-2-play shooter game out there at the moment.


Yes, I said it. The game that took the world by storm in 2017. Epic Games have continued to develop a steady audience for one of the best Battle Royale style games available. You get to battle other players in a race to be the last one standing.

Fortnite is also known for hosting virtual events in the game or collaborating with different celebrities on features like skins. For me what sets Fortnite apart from other F2P shootera is that it is a very social space as much as what it is a game.

The bright colour island is always receiving new updates, new content and new challenges for players of all skill levels. All in-game currency you spend is completely optional and not required to play the game. You can purchase the season long Battle Pass or better yet The Crew which is a monthly fee but again this is optional and only if you are after in game cosmetics.

What I think really helped Fortnite gain popularity recently was the Zero Build mode that was permanently added into the game. This lowers the learning curve and retains newer players. When last did you jump out of the Battle Bus and claim a Victory Royale?

BEST RPG: Genshin Impact

I personally think Genshin Impact just simply outshines all other F2P RPG’s currently out there and available to players. The game has been influenced by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this adventure quest game by Chinese developer Mihoyo is a multi-platform for PC, mobile and Playstation.

You can easily start a game on your PC and pick up where you left off on mobile and vice versa. Genshin Impact is a rather fruitful albeit pocket-sized RPG adventure that proves to be pretty fun without needing to spend a cent.

As you level your character and unlock more, you put together the perfect team of four to take on the lands which are packed with quests, ruins, and monsters to engage with. Have you ever tried Genshin Impact or is this something you plan on doing now?

The game is a never-ending world with different opportunities to suit your mood. Go on quests to find items or battle enemies and upgrade your characters and weapons.

You get to take on a wide-open world full of beautiful vistas, some really tough enemies to overcome along the way, and fun new characters to team up with have all helped instantly elevate Genshin Impact to near the top of this F2P list of RPG’s.

BEST FIGHTING: Multiversus

Alright, this genre or category had multiple options to be the number one F2P title but in the end I’ve settled on Multiversus.

If you’re a fan of Super Smash Bros or team brawl games like Street Fighter, you’ll want to try Multiversus.

The Warner Bros’ crossover fighting game is the alternative to Super Smash Bros that non-Nintendo players have been demanding for years, and it comes with a roster that could eventually blossom into one that can rival most of its counterparts.

You get to pick different characters from different universes to be on your team and start smashing! Multiverse is a great game to play with friends.

The game is hard to criticise too much when MultiVersus is completely free-to-play and a great brawler to play with friends which is why it deserves a coveted spot on my list. As an example, some of the iconic characters you can get to pick are Superman, Wonder Woman, Iron Giant, Jake the Dog, Shaggy, Velma, and even Morty Smith.


This game is for the fans of team fights and collaborative strategy, DOTA is the game for you.

 DOTA is known as League of Legends’ older sibling, with both games’ maps structured in the same way, with 2 teams of 5 working together to bring down structures and destroy the enemy team’s nexus.

It’s fiendishly difficult but also utterly addictive, with nearly limitless combinations of possible outcomes to account for at all times. DOTA has a higher learning curve but is very rewarding once you get the hang of it.

The game’s combat is hectic, and you’re likely to get beaten into oblivion during your first round, but should the addiction take hold, you might not need to play another game for months to come, saving you even more money down the line.

If you feel a little overwhelmed I can highly recommend you dive into the Steam Community forums, read some guides, talk to some players, and then rope in a few friends to help you get hooked on the original MOBA, and one of the biggest PC games in our gaming history. Good luck out there!


I am pretty sure The Sims genre of games is the game genre I have spent the most time of my entire gaming career playing.

Did you know that The Sims 4 is now free-to-play and is perfect for players who just want to unwind without stressing in a competitive atmosphere? If you’re less interested in saving the world and just want to relax with a game that lets you build things and live your digital life, The Sims 4 is a great option.

The social simulation game allows your imagination to run free as you can virtually do anything that your heart desires. You can create a life and live it exactly the way you want to. The Sims 4 was not always free.

This all happened from 18th October 2022, you can read more about it here:

So there you have my best free-to-play games from shooter, RPG, Fighting, MOBA and Simulation. Let me know your thoughts over on Twitter @GlennZA and share your best free-to-play titles you’ve come across recently with me.


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