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Jacques du Rand 2019-09-29

By Andre Hoffmann MBA Pr. (Tech.) Eng. FSAIEE MIEEE MIITPSA

Date Published: 13 May 2019


MyTechie South Africa is a privately-owned company established as a facilitator of standardised Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to communities and ICT Service Providers. MyTechie agents are, brand trusted ‘village’ technicians available to support the ICT industry in meeting the consumer need for supporting everything from fibre-to-the-home/business installations through to the full Internet of Things (IOT) eco system across its life-cycle from the private property boundary gate and in and around the smart home and property. Starting with basic fibre drop installations and progressing right through to the connected ‘Smart Home.’

We believe that the key to sustainability is a commitment to quality, a virtuous cycle of systemic beneficiation to all stakeholders and the empowerment of people in the local community to serve the technical needs of their local community.

Our company is closely linked to the relevant Professional and Industry associations with whose assistance we build in quality, professionalism and a commitment to standards and ethics in all we do.

Through our growing range of services, we have distinctively positioned ourselves to provide clients with comprehensive solutions and optimise the service delivery value chain for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The company will operate under licence to the owner of the MyTechie intellectual property and will use this licence and technology to trade in South Africa.

MyTechie South Africa (MTSA) will in turn validate and accredit multiple qualified independent contractors under a purpose crafted framework agreement (T’s and Cs). These contractors will then have the opportunity to consider and where acceptable to them, accept the customer order via their App and in their immediate area they are in. At that point they will be obliged to complete the order to the specification of the customer and submit the completion to the customer via the App. MTSA will have already raised in invoice to the customer on behalf of the independent contractor for the full amount as per order price of the service. The customer will pay the independent contractor via its contractual payment channel (MTSA). MTSA will receive the full payment from the customer and will pay the full amount to the independent contractor less its admin fee.

All MyTechie agents will be validated and competent, qualified technicians who will act as fully independent contractors to MyTechie South Africa and its franchisees.


The Philosophy

Being cognisant of growing inequality in the world and in South Africa particular, this business seeks to do things a little differently.

Instead of focusing only on maximising 'shareholder' value this business seeks to optimise stakeholder values, seeking to strike a balance between shareholder and labour market expectations, something more aligned with trends evident in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


The Objective

  • Leveraging technology to close the gap between task and skilled resource proximity.
  • To empower people to leverage their skills and resources in close proximity to where they live.
  • To up-skill into the ICT / IoT space by attending accredited micro-courses over time.
  • To address unemployment and barriers to ‘experience’ for graduate engineers and technicians.
  • To address a growing market need to facilitate the technology explosion in private spaces.
  • To hard-code ‘quality’ and ‘competence’ into the DNA of the business up front.

The Business Model

The business model is similar to Airbnb which is essentially a ‘’matching service’ between accredited accommodation providers and travellers seeking accommodation services in different locations, MyTechie is essentially an ‘AirTechie’ service, matching technical service resources and skills available in areas to service providers and consumers in need of accredited and competent technical service skills in those areas at specific times.

One key difference between the MyTechie model and Airbnb is that MyTechie is just a discounted payment channel for corporate type customers to pay a bunch of accredited independent contractors accepting their orders on the MyTechie App. A corporate customer like Telkom / Openserve for example would have the advantage of paying (as a cost of sale) its accredited independent contractor via the MyTechie system.

MTSA will raise the invoice to the Service Provider on behalf the independent contractor for the full amount as per the customer order.


The Other stuff…


Optimising ICT service delivery efficiencies for all stakeholders across the eco-system by empowering the youth and the under-employed skills in our communities, offering them a real and sustainable opportunity for skills development and providing them with a meaningful road map to economic independence in this Fourth Industrial Revolution World.



Creating a sustainable platform for ICT technical practitioners, both young and old, newly qualified and experienced by offering localised opportunities to match their skills and experience with the growing needs of the ICT Service Provider industry in South Africa.

To ‘lock-in’ a golden thread of Quality and Professionalism, by incentivising a commitment to continued professional development and the adoption of standard working procedures as provided through professionally accredited and approved training providers.

Creating value for customers by:

    • Innovation and a process of continuous improvement.
    • Lowering the risk of increasing permanent technical headcount in a volatile and competitive market by having a team of competent and motivated resources available to all Service Providers.
    • Providing a system of self-regulation to drive desired behaviour.


Corporate Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality Service
  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility

Value Proposition to Service Providers

  • Why increase headcount when you can tap into a team of competent and motivated resources?
  • Inside plant works conform to industry standards.
  • Self-regulated ecosystem with immediate bi-directional customer quality of service feedback.
  • You will be part of a grander programme which:
  • Drives and maintains skills and experience development.
  • Provides opportunity for the under and unemployed.
  • Empowerment of local people by providing a road map to economic independence.
  • Improves the efficiency of the ICT eco-system.

Our Services

  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Sales referrals
  • Surveys
  • Remote (Smart) hands
  • And much more


‘If you aren’t making a difference in other people lives, then you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple’ Richard Branson.

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