Fibre Optics Training in South Africa

Jacques du Rand 2018-10-04

Ever wanted a career in the new fibre internet industry but not sure where to start ?

Many of the technician job positions requires a formal certification of skills.

The fibre networks like Vumatel, OpenServe and the rest all make use of contractors to install the actual fibre lines into the client’s home. Even if you order the fibre package from your local ISPs be it WebAfrica or Mweb and the rest, they too make use of fibre contractors.

This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the high demand for qualified fibre technicians.

CTU Training Solutions in partnership with TransAfrican Fibre Services, offers some of the best fibre optics (COFI) training to individuals and organisations across South Africa.

The outcomes of these OTT accredited training deliveries include:

  • Appreciate how optical fibres work and the issues that can affect performance;

  • Identify link components and appreciate why different types are required for different environments;

  • Handle fibre optic cable and components correctly to ensure optimum performance;

  • Appreciate the importance of cleanliness when handling fibre optic connectors;

  • Carry out an inspection of fibre optic connectors;

  • Work safely on fibre optic networks;

  • Prepare fibre optic cabling for fitting connectors or splicing;

  • Terminate fibre optic cables by splicing on pre-terminated pigtails or using pre-polished connectors;

  • Joint fibre optic cables by fusion splicing and manage fibres in a splice closure;

  • Test fibre optic links according to relevant standards;

  • Test patch cords correctly;

  • Carry out continuity and insertion loss testing;

  • Cse an OTDR correctly for optimum testing of fibre optic links.

Students attending COFI training with CTU Training Solutions and TransAfrican have exceptional learning experiences. We only allow eight students per class to ensure optimum learning and skills transfer. The purpose of COFI training is really to focus on the technical abilities of the workforce placed in positions where they are required to support fibre to home implementations.

The biggest issue faced in South Africa is that these technicians lack the necessary understanding of the standards and best practices. Becoming a field fibre optic technician is probably one of the best places to start if you are looking to journey into a career as an IT professional or engineer someday. The hands-on skills that you learn in this course will set you apart from the rest as you develop definitive skills delivered by expert instructors.

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Here are some of our students getting their hands dirty on some splicing and testing equipment:

CTU Fibre Training
CTU Fibre Training