Chromecast The Cheapest Gadget You Never Knew You Needed

Jacques du Rand 2019-10-07

All the Apple fanboys to the back of the room please, we will have an article for you next week. I am sure many of you have heard the word Chromecast and some have already jumped on the bandwagon and some are still wondering what Chromecast is and why do you need it ?

We have created a small little Q&A about Chromecast that we hope will answer some of your questions.  

We have addressed some issues in regards to streaming, casting and support for your phone whether its Apple’s latest iPhone or one of those excellent Android devices - ( ja we are a fan)



So as you might have heard NetFlix has officially killed off AirPlay for their NetFlix Streaming App. No problem just get a “Chromecast Streaming Dongle” if you don’t already have one read on.  Source - NetFlix Kills AirPlay


What Is Chromecast ?

It’s  cheap small little USB dongle a that lets you stream or cast and almost play anything to your TV.

 Chromecast Dongle

What Can I Cast Or Stream To My TV ?

  1. Netflix from your PC or phone(Android or Apple).
  2. Youtube from your PC or  phone(Android or Apple).
  3. Your browser, PC Desktop or presentation from your PC.
  4. Music from your phone.


Do I Need A SmartTV ?

Nope you only need a TV with a HDMI input (most semi-modern TV’s have that)


Does My TV Need An Internet Or WiFi Connection ?

No, the dongle will need internet access, usually via your home’s wifi.

Do I Need Any Special Software ?

Nope just plug and play and look for the cast Icon on your phone or PC’s browser tab.

Cast Icon 

Can I Stream Pirated Content From Those Suspicious Sites ?

Well possible, we can’t say what you should and should not do with your new cheap and fast  fibre connection but If the stream can play on your PC it can play on your Chromecast.


Is It Expensive ?

Not really for what you get it ranges from R1000 to R1200 for the 3rd generation devices.


See This TakeAlot search for latest prices.


Can I Get It In South Africa ?

Yes, the easiest way will be to make use of the many online shops we have locally.


  • TakeAlot
  • PC Link Computers
  • GeeWiz
  • Zeek Online


Can Chromecast Stream In HD And 4K ?

Yes the latest generation ones can do 4k  but really the content is very limited for that and the bandwidth required to stream 4K is huge about 25mbps+. You will definitely need a decent fibre connection of 40mbps upwards for 4K. Don’t try to stream 4K from your LTE connection  you will go broke in a hurry ! The amount of data that a LTE device will use will be massive.


Do I Need A TV Licence To Buy One ?

Nope, just a TV with a HDMI connection.


Does It Replace My SmartTV ?

Not really most  SmartTV’s have a limited number of apps and streaming or casting sources, example you won’t be able to easily cast your desktop to your TV. Yes some can do it but not all.


How Does It Compare To AirPlay/2 Or AppleTV ?

Its cheaper, better and support  quite a few more streaming sources.

The AppleTV is a little box that allows you to watch only titles from Apple’s vast catalogue, think of it as NetFlix in a box.


With AirPlay you can play media from your phone or other Apple devices but its not worth the vendor lock in our opinion.


The Chromecast supports far more platforms than just Apple.


My Chromecast Audio Is Breaking Up And Sounds Awful ?

Are you streaming something from those unofficial sources we talked earlier ? The fastest way to fix the Chromecast audio is to just disconnect and reconnect as most things in I.T.


Can I have Your ChromeCast ?

Nope ! Never :)