Apps that Help you keep that New Year Diet Resolution

Jacques du Rand 2022-01-10

Over the last couple of years many things have changed. Covid-19 took over our lives entirely. 2020 and 2021 were years where New Year's resolutions didn't really matter as we were far too preoccupied with health, safety, trying to stay (emotionally) positive and everything else.

As 2022 commences it feels different. It feels like there is new vigour in the air and with that new promises to be made to ourselves. Starting with getting fit and healthy. Ironic as it seems many people put diet and exercise far down on their priority lists during these preceding years. So much so that there is a word for the weight gained during ronatimes.

"Coronaspeck" - A slang term for weight gained during the coronavirus lockdown. (Coronavirus Slang terms )

Exercise Trends for 2022

Generally speaking (and pre-pandemic) gyms used to see gym-memberships rise by 12% (on average) in January. This mostly due to all the new year's resolutions to get fit, get in shape and build that bikini body.

During the pandemic gyms lost more than 50% of their memberships and, according to this American survey in 2021, only gained back a third of those members. From the same survey it transpired that nearly 3 out 4 gym members favoured outdoor activities or home fitness options over gyms for 2021.

Based on what I can see in my own Facebook feed it seems that 2022 is not that much different. People are still favouring outdoor fitness sessions (solo or groups) or home fitness options above gyms. This most likely due to the extra monthly expense as well as the additional safety home or outdoor environments still offer us at this time.

Best Home Fitness Apps

  1. Kayla Itsines Sweat App

    Kayla Itsines Sweat Program - This is a really great app aimed at ladies of all ages and fitness levels. Founder of the Bikini Body Guide Kayla's programs are easy to follow with step-by-step workouts provided for your weekly sessions. The program has grown a lot since Kayla started it, and now also features other trainers too. An excellent way to get in shape and stay in shape and the bonus is you can really do these routines anywhere and you don't need any special equipment.
    Cost: Free trial period, thereafter $19.99 (R320) with monthly subscription.

  2. Les Mills Fitness App

    Les Mills - A general fitness app for everyone, even offering classes aimed at the youth. There is a large variety to choose from including general fitness, high intensity, body combat and more. The Les Mills workouts are quite fun as you are essentially watching a group of people do the exercises with you - so it's like you're in a group class complete with music and trainer urging you on. Depending on the class, no special equipment needed either.
    Cost: Free month trial period, thereafter €14.95 (R270). Special membership offers throughout the year.

  3. BeachBody On Demand

    Beach Body - A general fitness app for everyone. They have a secondary nutritional app as well that can be paired with the main fitness app. They have prepackaged programs like "21 Day Fix" - A comprehensive simple eating & fitness track for 21 days to kickstart your fitness. Or their more popular "InsanityMax30" - which is as the name suggests quite an intense workout followed every day for 30 minutes over a 60 day period and over a 1,000 others to choose from. If you don't know how to choose, they offer a short form survey with multiple choice questions after which they show you 5 programs that might fit your requirements/style.
    Cost: Free month trial period, thereafter you can choose a package, however the minimum duration is 3 months and billed quarterly at $59.85 (R950).

  4. YouTube Fitness Channels

    YouTube Channels - YouTube has a plethora of channels to watch from certified trainers and nutritionists to your everyday guy practising yoga on the beach. You just have to Google for what you're looking for and you'll find a bunch of different options. Best is, they're all free! In fact, here is a Top 10 list of YouTube fitness channels for 2022. Since I feel that we all might be starting at level zero, this is a great channel to kickstart your 2022 fitness journey: Joe Wicks, The Body Coach with his 20 Minute Beginner Low Impact Workout.
    Cost: Free.

Best Diet Tracking Apps

What is fitness without also looking at what you eat?

  1. CronoMeter App

    Cronometer - I've had a few apps on my mobile, but the only one that has stuck with me for some time is Cronometer. I find it easy to use as you can add your own food very easily if they don't have it in their already huge food library. You can select your goal and the app helps you set calories etc based on those goals (maintain, lose weight, gain weight, eat keto/banting/vegan etc etc) it also adjusts calories based on your daily activities and workouts. You can pair most popular fitness devices with the app to sync automatically, but if you don't have any, you can also enter your activity (walk for 20 min at moderate intensity for example) and the app will adjust the calories consumed/burnt accordingly.
    Cost: Free!

  2. App MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal - Very similar to Cronometer, and I've actually tried this one before, but as with food and exercise you will find one that works better for you than others. MyFitnessPal is a comprehensive app where you can log your nutrition and exercise, set goals and in addition browse recipes too. As with Cronometer it also has a bunch of activity apps you can sync to and adjust your daily consumption/energy burned.
    Cost: Free account lets you track basic things, but the bells and whistles come with a monthly sub of $9.99 (R160).

  3. App CarbManager

    Carb Manager - More specifically aimed at the low carb and keto market Carb Manager helps you track your intake of carbs. The app also syncs with a bunch of activity devices. It helps you understand what carbs are hidden in foods and understand what you're putting into your body. There are some great recipes available on the app and even click to add to a grocery list function to help shopping for those recipes easier.
    Cost: Free with a premium subscription that helps you keep better track of your stats for only €3.83 (R60) per month (billed annually). The free version has plenty of features though.

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(Prices accurate at time of article.)